Nestled in downtown Orlando, TLS provides a nurturing and educational environment for infants through eighth grade. Whether in our warm and cozy infant/toddler settings, home-like preschool atmosphere, vibrant elementary classrooms or pulsing middle school, our parents know we wrap our students in the loving arms of Jesus Christ. Our secure five-acre campus provides ample space for our state-of-the-art Child Development Center, sports field, full-size gym, science and portable technology lab, art studio, and a historic setting for our weekly chapel worship. Music? Spanish? We have those, too.

Become a part of the Trinity family and experience award-winning education that embraces the future while being rooted in foundations of tradition.  Trinity Lutheran School… building a strong family rooted in Christ’s love.

The students of Trinity Downtown challenge you to: support Trinity Lutheran School with a donation, exercise aerobically, and watch and pray as we  “Grow Together” and complete our building campaign with a new soccer field, a renovated school library, and additional technology tools.

What is the Viking Challenge? You may be familiar with the IceBucket Challenge, the fund raising phenom of 2014 for the cause of ALS research.  At Trinity our Viking Challenge is more than a quick cold splash.  We are challenging you do dive in, dash, pedal, wheelchair, walk, skateboard, jog, you can choose what to do with your family and friends.  We want you to enjoy the challenge of fun and fitness and to remember Trinity with a gift for our encouragement to get active.


Trinity Lutheran School is growing!

Learn all about the changes on our campus especially brand new space for our Child Development Center.  Beginning Fall of 2015 our infants through 4yrs  will be under one roof as we complete phase one of our building project.  Its’s an exciting time!  In every way we are truly Growing Together!


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Driftwood Friday Update

Driftwood Friday Update

Dear Trinity, Here are some more cool words we know: loliguncula brevis.  This has a siphon, beak, 2tentacles, 8 legs, a mantle, chromatophores, gills, fins, a shell, and an ink sac.  Do you know what a loliguncula brevis is?  It is a squid!! We examined them,...
Pi-Day 2015, or do you say “Pie-Day”?

Pi-Day 2015, or do you say “Pie-Day”?

From Grade 4 onward, you probably remember something about about a fascinating ratio for the measurement of circles, the Greek symbol ∏ pronounced “pi”. The ratio of the circumference, the distance around a circle to the diameter, and the distance across the circle...
Driftwood – Thursday Update

Driftwood – Thursday Update

What do alligators, s’mores, campfires, mess halls, long bus rides, King snakes, frisbees, bearded lizards, skits, songs, prayers, salt marshes, food chains, and mud pits all have in common?  They are all a part of our Driftwood experience!  This is what we...
Trinity Downtown vs. 106.7 Cheap Shots!

Trinity Downtown vs. 106.7 Cheap Shots!

Every year XL 106.7 helps local schools with their fundraising efforts.  On Tuesday, April 14th, they’re bringing the XL 106.7 Cheapshots Basketball Team to Trinity Downtown! Come join us for this amazing opportunity to not only have a blast, but show off your...

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