National Bully Awareness Month

Bullying is a word that is thrown about so easily these days. We hear it used in conjunction with stories of horrific crimes with heartbreaking endings. We also hear it used to describe name calling and other events that take place during common everyday interaction. The definition of a bully, from the Webster Dictionary, is “one habitually cruel to others who are weaker.” That definition is striking to me because it defines a power-struggle and a time frame. Bullying is a daily occurrence that is used to force someone else to feel smaller and powerless. This act can occur in person, on the internet, over text messages, through video, via pictures, ect. There seems to be no limit to the ways that a person can be bullied. So what can we do?

WE CAN EMPOWER! We can empower people to problem solve, be assertive, build self-confidence and seek help. October is National Bully Awareness Month which seeks to raise awareness about bullying. October 9th is Unite Against Bullying Day and the students of Trinity will be encouraged to dress in orange to raise awareness about bullying. Not only do we want to raise awareness but we also want to educate children and families. I will be presenting in each classroom next Tuesday on how to respond to a bully and what to do if you are being bullied. Bullying takes place everywhere and it is not just the victims of bullying that need help, but the bullies themselves.

Join me in empowering victims of bullying on October 9th by wearing orange? Christ has called us to be a light into the world and our Trinity students will shine for a great cause on October 9th, we pray you will too.

– Megan Miessler