About Us


Mission and Purpose

The mission of Trinity Downtown is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through ministries which strengthen and equip people for Christian witness and service in downtown, metropolitan Orlando, and the world. Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) promotes academic excellence, nurtures personal relationships with God, and prepares all children to lead responsible, purpose-filled lives for Christ.

Nestled in downtown Orlando, TLS provides a nurturing and educational environment for infants through eighth grade.  Whether in our warm and cozy infant/toddler settings, home-like preschool atmosphere, vibrant elementary classrooms or pulsing middle school, our parents know we wrap our students in the loving arms of Jesus Christ. Our secure five-acre campus provides ample space for our state-of-the-art Child Development Center, sports field, full-size gym, science and portable technology lab, art studio, and a historic setting for our weekly chapel worship. Music? Spanish? We have those, too.


Why Trinity Lutheran School?

Established in 1953, Trinity Lutheran School is one of the oldest parochial schools in Central Florida. TLS is proud to be a Christ-centered educational ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church located in beautiful downtown Orlando. Recognized for its consistent history of academic excellence and ability to promote and encourage moral development while sharing God’s word, Trinity offers a complete program of instruction from Infancy through Eighth Grade.

Our purpose, as a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, is to provide an education that focuses on developing the whole child as a disciple of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our students are given the opportunity to grow in God’s Word through spiritual, scholastic, emotional, and aesthetic areas. God has provided TLS with a team of dedicated and talented teachers who understand and enjoy the children they teach.

Trinity Lutheran School is a Christian school—we teach from the specific viewpoint of the Christian Reformation, acknowledging God’s gift of salvation by grace through faith alone.  The foundation of a respectful, responsible, and gracious life in Christ is:

  • Biblically Based
  • Culturally Relevant
  • Reliant on Prayer
  • Centered on Grace, and
  • Lived in the Context of Worship and Community


Trinity is Growing…

Whether from a casual glance at our website, reading through our regular blog posts, or from a leisurely stroll through our campus, you will be convinced that Trinity is indeed growingGrowing at Trinity is hardly cliché, and there is evidence of real growth all around us:

Our students are growing

  • in Measures of Academic Progress. Every 12 weeks students in Grades 3 to 8 take MAP assessments in Reading and Mathematics.  These are formative tests because the frequent results “form” the basis of instruction for students.  From the student data, teachers know to plan for remediation of missed standards, and when to enrich those areas where students exceed grade level standards.  Students take MAP formative assessments in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  At the end of the year student MAP results convert to a summative examination in which a year’s worth of learning is “summed” up in norms and percentiles according to Florida and national standards.  MAP measures student growth!
  • as assessments progress from infants, to toddlers, and preschoolers. Teachers in the CDC perform developmental screenings two times each year with a developmental checklist as a baseline, at mid-year and the end of the year.  In VPK/Pre K 4 they complete the VPK Assessment three times each year with a family conference and midyear and end-of-year written reports.
  • in their physical health. Through our work with the Nemours Healthy Habits Collaborative our children are growing more healthy as we strive to improve the quality of the food we feed them at snacks and lunches, limit screen time and plan intentional and free play outside play activities. At Trinity our young children are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and eating less sugar by removing dessert, apple juice and chocolate milk from the menu.


Our teachers are growing, professionally through workshops and training activities

  • at Concordia University, Rollins College, UCF, and more, on-line and on-site
  • through on-going training with Numours
  • through Teach-FL scholarship opportunities for Child Development credentialing and assistance leading to an A.S. in early childhood education. All Trinity early childhood teachers are required to earn 30 hours of in-service education each year.
  • via Trinity’s regimen of professional development days covering iPad deployment, Google Classroom, Restorative Justice, Metrics for Measures of Academic Progress
  • through Faculty discussion groups studying educational books, for example Overcoming Textbook Fatigue by ReLeah Cossett Lent
  • off-campus at the Florida-Georgia District Convocation and the National Lutheran Education Convocation


Our Parents are growing more and more involved in the dynamics of learning on our campus

  • through the PTL, which continues to fund the purchase of enriching classroom materials, most recently the Arts Attack curriculum, developmental PE Equipment, handheld technology, upgraded teacher workstations, grants for outdoor education, and Full-Option Science Inquiry Kits…and more is to come!
  • with participation in Parent Teacher Conferences, at an all-time high.
  • with parent representation on the School Board.
  • with Head of School and Teacher-led Curriculum Nights.
  • with their own children at Family Growth Nights and Family Math Nights.shield


We are all growing in Christ, and as we live each day our beliefs are challenged and strengthened as we grow and learn in this downtown community.  This is our future:

  • Respect, responsibility, and hard work are ways to think about ourselves and others
  • Studying God’s Word, as revealed in the Bible, is a way to understand who God is, what humankind is, and what God is doing about this each and every day
  • Worshipping in spirit and truth is a way to draw together, for the right reasons, in our community of faith.


Truly, there is nothing at all casual about our growth at Trinity.  To sum this all up, “What is our future?”  It’s bright and joyful!  As forgiven and restored children of God, we are all meeting standards, building relationships, becoming wiser, and we all know that in all things, at Trinity and beyond, God works together for good for those who are loved and called according to His purposes (Romans 8.28).