Please pray for our Lady Vikings as they travel to the Lutheran Church of the Cross in St. Petersburg, Florida to play in the Central Florida Lutheran Athletics Association (CFLAA) Varsity Volleyball Tournament this Saturday, October 18.  With a handful of victories this season, our girls are chomping at the bit to face off at 8:00 am against the host school, Lutheran Church of the Cross.  Win or loss, the girls will play again at 11:00 am, so be sure to send prayers especially at those times!

If you see any of the following players or coaches in the next few days, please congratulate them on a very fun and successful season.  We are so proud of these girls and all the work they have done!

#4 Isabella
#19 Ayanna
#25 Grace
#9 Taylor
#12 Tatyana
#2 Alexis
#33 Ashley
#13 Madison
Coach Mike Hofmann
Coach Josh Brink

Josh Brink
Athletic Director