Clubs, Activities & Extra-Curriculars

At Trinity Lutheran School, we believe that a well-rounded student experiences a variety of activities during school hours. These activities are to provide ways for students to expand their education, socialize and contribute to the community. For the most recent news on Trinity activities, read our most recent blog posts below.


Learning more about how technology can serve us well in the world today.

Personal Development

Character Development and Personal Growth are key to leading purpose filled lives for Christ.

The Arts

Enriching our lives and the lives of others through music, dance and art.

Physical Development

Caring for our physical health and well being honors the bodies God gave us.

Classes and Clubs

All extra-curricular activities are taught after normal school hours and on our campus. Contact individuals below with questions or stop in the school office for a flyer / registration form. All fees are paid directly to the vendor (except for Code Club).

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCATrinity’s “FCA Fridays” Club will inspire student character development based upon Christian values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence through activities, encounters, and fellowship.

For students K through eighth grade

Integrity We will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness in our relationships in FCA.

Serving We will model Jesus’ example of serving.

Teamwork We will express our unity in Christ in all our relationships.

Excellence We will honor and glorify God in all we do.

Club registration is open to K-8th students who do not attend the regular Extended Care program. Registration Form. Contact the K-8 office for details 407-488-1919 x104 or email

Bee Yoga

Classes: PreK3 & VPK and K-8

Experience Yoga in a simple and unique way through games, movement, music and breathing; helps children manage their emotions, build self-confidence, create self-awareness and strengthen their bodies.

Miss Z has been practicing Yoga since 2009 and is a certified Kids Yoga Teacher with a passion not only for building physical strength but also for building strong mental focus.

Classes meet at Trinity weekly on regularly scheduled school days: CDC class on Thursdays 2:50-3:45 pm and K-8 class on Tuesdays 3:30-5:00pm.

Sign up forms are in the school offices or contact Miss Z directly at 407-496-9662 or

Soccer Shots

Contact: Anton Faith,

PreK2 – 2nd grade

Soccer Shots instructors are energetic and enthusiastic, are great teachers, and love working with children. We not only teach soccer skills, but also work on improving balance, coordination, and agility with the kids. Soccer Shots also uses the sessions to teach children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. (Currently have 3-4 year old and 5-7 year old teams)

Soccer Field: 3:00-5:00pm on Mondays; 3:10-4:35pm on Wednesdays

Sign up early – classes fill up quickly!

Defining Movement, Inc.

Contact: Joleen Morales at

PreK3 – 8th Grade

Defining Movement takes dance class  to the next level with an energetic, creative, and encouraging approach to dance which encourages any and every child to express themselves through movement of all kinds.

Areas of instruction include Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Hip Hop and Creative Freestyle Movement.

Classes at Trinity: 3-4pm Tuesdays, 3-5pm Thursdays

Music Lessons

3rdWheel.Org, LLC  

Contact: Mark DeMaio at

PreK3 – 8th grade

Drum Class by 3rd wheel includes basic to advanced techniques covering hand over hand rhythm techniques, music games, activities and songs.

Classes at Trinity: 4:15-4:45pm Fridays

Music Lessons: Pianio / Drum Set /Guitar

Contact:  T.J. Howard at or 574-514-8531

PreK3 – 8th Grade

Classes by individual appointment

Providing music lessons in piano, guitar, and drums.  Mr. Howard holds a Bachelor’s degree in music composition and piano from Indiana University and has been playing drums professionally since high school.

Computer Classes

Computer Tutor 

Contact: Robin Coyne,

PreK2 – Kindergarten

Classes: 2:30-4:00pm Tuesdays; 2:30-4:00 Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00pm Thursdays.

Discovering technology through computer games.

Code Club

Contact: Michael Miessler,

3rd – 8th grade  *free club

Class:  3:30-4:30pm Mondays

Students will learn basic programming skills and languages all while designing games, illustrations, and web pages.

School Activities

Orlando Philharmonic

Step Up to Kindergarten (VPK), March in to Middle School Day

Family Fun Nights, Read In

National Lutheran Schools Week

Spring Play (Middle School)

Field Day

TLS Athletic Games (Bball, VBall, Soccer)

Kennedy Space Center, Georgia Outdoor Education Trip, Marine Lab-Florida Keys; Washington D.C.

Easter Egg Hunt (Infants-VPK)

Seasonal Class Parties, Halloween Parade

Trinity Events

Campus Work Days

Back to School Open House


Kindergarten & Middle School Round Up

Touch A Truck

Book Fair (Fall & Spring)

All School Thanksgiving Lunch

Grandparents Day

Christmas Programs, Orlando Holiday Tree LIghting at Lake Eola (VPK-8th grades)

Music Concerts & Festival

Trinity Downtown Youth Ministry, Confirmation Retreat

Pastor Hoard Memorial Golf Tournament

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Staff Appreciation Week

Another Great Pumpkin Patch

Because of this year’s Downtown Orlando Pumpkin Patch, Trinity’s Parent Teacher League was able to raise funds to support Trinity Lutheran School – Infants through Eighth grade. Our parents, teachers, volunteers, and guests were able to enjoy some cool crisp...
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The Reformation Walk at Trinity Lutheran School

  On October 31, the world will recognize the achievements of Martin Luther, who 500 years ago started the Age of Reformation in Europe when he nailed 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. His 95 Theses were posted as points of debate...
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Learning about the Farm in PreK

The Garden of Discovery is learning about the farm this month:  crops, animals, chores and what we get from animals. The class has created a Farmers Market in their classroom to learn about the foods we get from farms. Noah’s Ark is the Bible theme, and the kids...
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Gearing Up For Winter Sports

Fall sports are starting to wind down here at Trinity and it has been apparent in our students as they grow closer as classmates and friends.  Also, they’ve gotten better.  Our Vikings are becoming stronger with every practice and game. Now that they have had a nice warm-up in fall, it is time to start thinking about winter sports.

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Prayers and Action – Sending Love to Las Vegas

After recent events in Las Vegas, Trinity’s 5/6 Religion class started talking about our response tragedy and the fear we experience. Many of our Trinity students connected to recent events in Las Vegas through the fear they still hold after the Pulse shootings...
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FCA Update: Going Strong

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at Trinity is going strong!  Students from Trinity, from local home schooling families, and from Lake Eola Charter School have been exploring scriptures which teach us about: seeking God with your whole heart, making your faith...
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Phonics Sounded Out: “f o n / i x” at Trinity

Trinity Lutheran School is in the midst of a three-year curriculum study, with the express aim to strengthen literacy skills of all students.  Following last year’s extensive work with the Writing Process and a focus on assessing Informational Writing, teacher attention is currently directed at Phonics Instruction.

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Hurricane Harvey: Gift Card Offering

  An opportunity of compassion awaits families of Trinity Lutheran School to reach across the miles from Orlando to Houston to help in the wake of the storms of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of displaced families will be returning to homes and businesses to begin...
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FCA Fridays Starts A New Year!

Trinity Lutheran Church and School hosted an incredible first day of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) last Friday at Trinity! We had awesome volunteers and 44 kiddos from Trinity, Lake Eola Charter School, and home school, coming together to share God’s...
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Solar S’mores …. and Much, Much More! The 2017 Solar Eclipse

With the coming of the Great Solar Eclipse capturing the attention of the nation, Trinity teachers planned and delivered lessons over the past week to “enlighten” students about the solar eclipse. The lessons kept all within our community from becoming overly...
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The Blessing of Backpacks

CDC and K-8 families packed Trinity Lutheran Church for Back-to-School Weekend.  The Back to School Open House events include special Opening Worship Services for our 400 students and their families every year. A favorite highlight of these worship services is the...
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PTL is Ready for the New School Year

  Whether you are new to Trinity Lutheran School or you have been here for years, we are kicking off a new year at an excellent school where our children will grow academically and be touched by the love of Christ. All parents of students enrolled in Trinity...
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International Music Tea

This summer, the two to four year old children in Trinity Lutheran School’s CDC took a musical “journey” around the world experiencing songs, books, dances, and snacks from seven different countries: USA (Hawaii), Germany, Holland, China, Mexico,...
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Pay It Forward

During “Pay It Forward” week at Camp Trinity, students worked together to make some very special care packages for local children who are currently going through chemotherapy at the Florida Hospital’s Children’s Cancer wing. Trinity Campers...
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Literacy Training at Trinity

How teachers spend their summers is as diverse as the children they teach in their classrooms during the school year. The International Literacy Association drew four Trinity teachers together this summer for a world-wide professional conference at the Orange County...
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Summer Campin’

Have you ever wanted to go to clown school? Have you ever met a peregrine falcon, or how about a screech owl named Lucy? What about watching medieval knights duel each other in a jousting tournament? Well, campers can experience all these things and more at Camp...
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A Gift To You: TLS Spring Concert

  The end is nigh! That’s right. The school is drawing to a close. Pretty soon there will be classroom parties and graduations.  Final exams and final projects will be handed in and yearbooks full of memories will be gathering signatures and well wishes for...
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Pinchin’ Pennies

This year’s Penny Wars have finished. A grand total of $672.82 was raised in only 4 days!  As great as that number is that’s not what counts in a Penny War; it’s all about the points.  As with any good competition, there are rules for how to rack up...
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May Day Festival Fun 2017

  Trinity families enjoyed beautiful weather and raised money for our school at our second annual Spring May Day Festival on May 5. So many people donated their time, money, and talents to make this PTL-sponsored school fundraising event possible. The children of...
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Programming: Trinity

Trinity Lutheran School works to prepare students for the future, one of the many ways we are doing that is through programming and computer science lessons. This year is our first year working with and their Hour of Code program. “is a non-profit...
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What’s Happening at Trinity?

The Garden is Growing! Garden Blessing, Veggie Picking, Tasting & Salad Making…  The Trinity community gathered around the urban school garden this week for some fun, food, and fellowship! MayDay Festival is Tonight! Come out for an evening of fun on...
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National Day Of Prayer 2017

“O Lord, Listen! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Hear and Act! For Your Sake, O My God…”- Daniel 9.19 (NIV) The students and staff of Trinity joined together in prayer for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 4. The National Day of Prayer has grown to become a...
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Easter Fun at Trinity

The morning of Maundy Thursday was dedicated to walking Trinity’s three year old, VPK and Kindergarten students through the events of Holy Week so they have a series of hands-on experiences connecting them to those events in history.  This is the second annual...
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A Walk In The Woods, A Swim In The Ocean, A Week At Camp Driftwood

Last week the 6th Graders did more than just relax at the beach and work on their tans.  They got muddy, sweaty, and stinky venturing out into a coastal ecosystem to learn about what goes on outside of their classrooms and textbooks. Bright and early Monday morning a...
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The Camp Trinity Experience

You are 9 years old, counting down the minutes for the very last bell of the school year to ring. Your heart is pounding, and you can barely sit still in your chair because your body is flowing with excitement. “Riiinggg” You jump out of your seat and head straight to...
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Celebrating Community Helpers

The Garden of Discovery classroom has had an exciting two weeks celebrating our amazing Community Helpers! Ms. Eryn Lawson came in to talk about what happens when we visit the doctors office.  She brought many goodies for us including a new stethoscope for each child!...
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Multiplication Sundaes

Every once in a while its good to kick back and celebrate your accomplishments.  After all, rewards are a great way to recognize the dedication and hard work it takes to achieve a goal.  Trinity’s elementary and middle school students have certainly been working...
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