It is my pleasure to introduce one of our new head basketball coaches for the 2014-2015 season, Coach Marvin Peoples!

Marvin Peoples is a proven team player, leader and entrepreneur and has lived in Orlando, FL for over 20 years.  In his spare time Marvin enjoys playing basketball, road trips, fishing, reading, and just about all activities in which he can exercise his mind.

Peoples, a former University of South Florida football player, used the skills that he learned in the game of football to launch business career and community service projects.  After graduation Peoples played basketball for several semi professional teams, as basketball is his true passion.  He has coaching experience on the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

His business, OrGano Gold International developed a team of over 150 independent business owners through strategy interviews, team goals and implementing a “game plan.” He and his team generated over $40,000 monthly in product revenue in six months.

After receiving a Bachelors in Business Administration, Marketing in 2009 from USF, Peoples has dedicated his time to helping children.

Peoples worked as an enrollment advisor, supporting future Florida Institute of Technology students to realize their potential and choose school as an option.

He’s also worked with the Department of Children and Families Tampa region, progressing the efforts to provide financial assistance and uplift to families in need.

Peoples has also been a YMCA counselor, an Lead Instructor at Hillsborough County Public Schools and a Physical Education teacher at Village of Excellence Academy.

Peoples now proudly serves the youth in Orlando’s historic Parramore District as Lead Student Adovcate in Parramore Kidz Zone (PKZ).  He considers it a privilege to “uplift as he climbs”.

If you get an opportunity to meet Coach Marvin, please welcome him to the Trinity family.  We are incredibly excited to have him on our team and we look forward to the great successes he will bring!

Josh Brink
Athletic Director