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Welcome to the Trinity Lutheran School Athletic Department webpage!  Use the tabs above to access helpful information about the program and visit the athletic blog below to get a first hand look at our sports program. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding the athletic program, please contact the school office at 407-488-1919 x104 or keri.packman@trinitydowntown.com. Thank you so much for visiting our page and we look forward to seeing you at a game in the future!

Trinity Lutheran School is dedicated to providing the best in athletics to each and every child at the school. In all of our athletic programs, Trinity is focused on providing a Christ-like environment that nurtures not only the physical and mental health of each child, but also their spiritual health as well.


TLS Winter Basketball Schedule_2017.2018

Trinity Lutheran School has a long history of athletic excellence.  We are excited to offer the following sports teams for the 2017-2018 academic year.  While most teams and club registration is included with K-8 tuition, there are some that do require additional charges and fees.

1st grade  Soccer Shots*
2nd grade Soccer Shots*
3rd grade Soccer Shots*
4th grade JV Soccer (F), JV Volleyball (F), JV Basketball (W), Cheerleading (W), Pre-Season Training (between seasons)
5th grade JV Soccer (F), JV Volleyball (F), JV Basketball (W), Cheerleading (W), Track (S), Pre-Season Training (between seasons)
6th grade JV Soccer (F), JV Volleyball (F), JV Basketball (W), Cheerleading (W), Track (S), Golf (S), Pre-Season Training (between seasons)
7th grade Varsity Soccer (F), Varsity Volleyball (F), V Basketball (W), Cheerleading (W), Track (S), Golf (S), Pre-Season Training (between seasons)
8th Grade Varsity Soccer (F), Varsity Volleyball (F), V Basketball (W), Cheerleading (W), Track (S), Golf (S), Pre-Season Training (between seasons)

*extra charge

2016-17 JV Basketball Schedule

2016 JV Basketball Schedule

(H) = Home Game    (A) = Away Game**

JV Girls

JV Boys
  (A) Nov. 28 @ St Luke’s Oviedo – 4:30p
(A) Dec 1 @ Grace Winter Haven – 4:30p (A) Dec. 1 @ Grace Winter Haven – 5:30p
  (H) Dec. 5 @ St Luke’s Oviedo – 6p
(H) Dec 8 @ TLS vs Faith Eustis – 4:30p
  (A) Dec. 12 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 5p
  (H) Dec. 17 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 12p
  (A) Jan. 9 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 5:30p
(H) Jan. 13 @ TLS vs Grace Winter Haven – 4:30p (H) Jan. 13 @ TLS vs Grace Winter Haven – 5:30p
  (A) Jan. 23 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 4:30p
(A) Jan. 24 @ Faith Eustis – 5:30p
  (A) Jan. 30 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 4:30p
(A) Feb. 3 @ Trinity Christian– 4:30p  
  (H) Feb. 6 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 4:30p
(H) Feb. 9 @ TLS vs Trinity Christian – 4:30p  
(A) Feb. 7 @ Holy Cross Lake Mary – 4p
  (A) Feb. 13 @ St. Luke’s Oviedo – 6:30p
(H) Feb. 16 @ TLS vs Holy Cross Lake Mary – 4p (TBD) Feb. 16 @ St Luke’s Oviedo – 4:30p
(H) Feb. 24 @ TLS Students vs Staff – TBD (H) Feb. 24 @ TLS Students vs Staff – TBD

**All games at St. Luke’s Oviedo are travelling games. Home or Away stipulates what uniform we play in.

  • Grace Lutheran School: (863) 293-974 320 Bates Ave SE Winter Haven, Florida 33880
  • Faith Lutheran School: (352) 589-5683 2727 S. Grove St. Eustis, FL  32726
  • Holy Cross Lake Mary: (407) 333-0797 780 N Sun Dr. Lake Mary, FL 32746
  • Luke’s Lutheran School: (407) 365-3408 2021 W State Rd 426, Oviedo, FL 32765
  • Trinity Christian School: (407) 886-0212 1022 S Orange Blossom Trail, Apopka, FL 32703
CFLAA JV Boys Bball Jan 2106 Tournament
CFLAA JV Boys Bball 1/16 Letters to Schools

viking athletics



The CFLAA JV Boys tournament is just around the corner and we are very excited about having our fellow Lutheran schools coming to Trinity Lutheran. The 12-team bracket we are using is attached to this e-mail. Below is more information for you to share with your school and families as you plan to attend this weekend of competition, fun, and fellowship.

Tournament Fee – $100/team (checks payable to Trinity Lutheran)

Here are a few reminders for the tournament this weekend.

  • 6 minute quarters
  • 1 minute between quarters
  • 6 minute half time
  • Balls for warm-ups will be provided.
  • At least 7 minute pre-game warm-up period will occur.
  • Home team is on the top of the bracket.
  • Home team will wear their light color
  • Benches are marked home and visitor
  • Locker rooms are available for your usage.
  • Time outs per game 3- full and 2- 30 second
  • We will do our best to cover score board and books, but please come prepared with one person who can fill in just in case.
  • Adults: $5/Day, Children (8th grade and younger) and Coaches: Free
  • Tournament T-Shirts will be available for $15.00
  • We will have GREAT food at the tournament.  Please encourage your families to support us and enjoy a meal at Trinity.  See attached Menu.

In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you plan and prepare for being a part of this tournament.  My e-mail address is mike.rottmann@trinitydowntown.com.


In Christ,


Trinity Lutheran Church & School,

Orlando, FL


The 2016 participants:

Faith Eustis, First Lutheran Clearwater, Grace St. Pete, Grace Winter Haven, Grace Jacksonville, St. John Ocala, St. Luke’s Oviedo (2 teams), St. Michael Ft. Myers, St. Paul Lakeland, Trinity Orlando, and Holy Cross Lutheran Academy Sanford

Trinity Athletics Blog


Growing Christian Athletes

Growing Christian Athletes

Every year Trinty’s students show up ready to learn, ready to grow, and ready to play. I have always viewed school athletics as an extension of the classroom. There are lessons a child can learn through competition that they will take with them as they grow academically and spiritually. Children learn about commitment (showing up to regular practices), they learn how to set goals (we want a winning record this year!), and they learn how to exemplify the teachings of Christ through sportsmanship and fair play. A bad day on the court or at the field is a great time to remember that you are representing Christ and put into action lessons learned in the classroom. This year we tried something different with our athletics program…

Celebrating Another Successful Athletic Season

Celebrating Another Successful Athletic Season

What a way to end the sports season at Trinity!  The 2015 – 2016 Trinity Lutheran School student athletes had a great time celebrating the season of sports on Thursday, May 19, at the annual Athletic Awards Banquet.   “Do you not know that in a race all the runners...

Vikings Win Two Championships and Remain Undefeated!

Vikings Win Two Championships and Remain Undefeated!

The buzzer goes off and the crowd goes wild! The past couple of days have been exciting for the Viking Athletic Program. The JV Boys Basketball team has worked hard during the season and has much to show for it. On Sunday, they won the CFLAA (Central Florida Lutheran...

Three Cheers for Trinity!

Three Cheers for Trinity!

What an exciting time to be a Viking fan! The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams continue to have success on the court.  The J.V. boys remain undefeated, winning two games this past week while the Varsity girls improved their record to 3-3 with a exciting win against...

Varsity Girls Volleyball at Dig Pink

Varsity Girls Volleyball at Dig Pink

This past weekend the Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team participated at the annual Dig Pink tournament at Faith Lutheran, Eustis. The tournament focused on creating awareness about breast cancer while raising funds to help with future research. The day also gave all...

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Varsity Girls Volleyball

As we begin another school year so begins the athletic season at Trinity Lutheran School.  The Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team had their first match against Faith Lutheran, Eustis on Thursday.  Although they lost both matches 25-18 and 25-21, they played well together...

State Championship and All Stars

State Championship and All Stars

Trinity was a hot spot during the month of February for basketball events, hosting both the Florida Lutheran Athletic Association State Basketball Tournament and the Central Florida Lutheran Athletic Association All-Star Weekend. Bringing in twelve teams reaching from...

So, what’s left?

As the end of the year approaches, you may be wondering what is left in regards to athletics at Trinity?  Here are some highlights to get you pumped for this last quarter! Indoor Soccer With construction taking up our soccer field, we are unable to participate in the...

Students vs. Staff BBall

In case you missed it, enjoy some photos from the Students vs. Staff basketball game.