Trinity Downtown was recently treated to a special performance by the Chamber Chorus from Concordia University Texas led by Prof. Joshua Chai.  The group stopped by Trinity to treat the students and staff to a short performance which featured an interactive portion.

During the interactive portion, Prof. Chai and his chorus demonstrated the what the various hand signals that a director uses means.  The students learned that short hand signal mean the chorus should sing softly while long accentuated hand signals tell the choir to sing loudly, all the while the faster you wave your arms the faster the choir sings.  Several students even had a chance to try their directing skills assisting Prof. Chai by directing the choir.  With various results from super fast to very slow and everywhere in between.concordia choir, austin tx at Trinity Jan 7,2016

This visit marked the midway point for the Choir’s Winter University Choir tour, which had stops throughout the Tampa and Orlando areas.  The group took to the Trinity sanctuary singing various original compositions by Prof. Joseph M. Martin, Artist in Residence and University Choir Interim Director.  Students, staff and guests all gathered to listen to the excellent voices that filled the sanctuary.  These are truly talented individuals with a love for sharing the talents God has blessed them with.

Many thanks to Prof. Chai, his choir, and the Concordia Texas Music Department for stopping by and sharing your love of music and your talents with the Trinity staff and students.concordia choir, austin tx at Trinity Jan 7,2016