What do alligators, s’mores, campfires, mess halls, long bus rides, King snakes, frisbees, bearded lizards, skits, songs, prayers, salt marshes, food chains, and mud pits all have in common?  They are all a part of our Driftwood experience!  This is what we think you should know about.

The Mercedes bus ride “it was so much fun I couldn’t and didnt want to sleep” -Ashley

The alligators we touched “it wasn’t slimy, it was smooth on the bottom” -Arieliz

Holding A six-foot long King snake “I was scare at first, I was grossed out because it was moving in my hands, but it was a nice feeling whe I thought about it a little more” -Kenna

The food in the mess hall “one word: delicious” -Madison

The mud pit “slinging mud at classmates made me think how blessed I am to have everyone in my class” -Julia

The campfire “playing games and kubiki was really fun” -Dylan

Colleen, or guide is “energetic, loved teaching us, loves working here with the animals” -Lexi

The food chain “I was pluff mud (nutrient rich soil) in our game and it is decomposed stuff the whole ecosystem feeds from” -Josh

We have to wake up at 6am on Thursday, eat breakfast at 6:30, and make it to the 7:15 ferry to travel to Cumberland Island for an all-day hike along beaches, forest pathways, and through historical sites.  Mrs. Wilkins hopes to see a herd of wild horses (some of you the story Misty of Chintoteague), and Josh hopes he doesn’t get eaten by sharks when we swim in the ocean!

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