FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at Trinity is going strong!  Students from Trinity, from local home schooling families, and from Lake Eola Charter School have been exploring scriptures which teach us about:

  • seeking God with your whole heart,
  • making your faith rock solid, and
  • building your life on that rock so that with God you will be strong through all storms and not falter.

Mrs. Barbora, a parent volunteer, led an activity to demonstrate that it is best to build a house on a rock rather than sand, so that when the seas and storms come, the house on the rock stands above the turmoil, where as the house on sand can more easily be swept away in the wind and tides.  Mrs. Struhs led the associated art activity and students engaged in team building play outside.



This Friday afterschool program is open to all children from K through 8th grade. If you’d like to participate, learn more here.