In the Garden of Adventure VPK class, led by Mrs. Adams and Ms. Joyner, everyone is studying the Fruit of the Spirit. Each month the class focuses on one fruit and how they can share that fruit with friends, family and community. During the month of November, the focus is on studying goodness.

Mrs. Adams shares, “We have learned how God shows his goodness to us and how we can show God’s goodness to others. As a class we decided that we could provide for someone else because God always provides for us!”

The children worked together to make sandwiches and pumpkin muffins, counted out individual carrots, and stuffed brown paper sacks to create homemade individual lunches for a person in need.


The teachers and children visited the outreach ministry of Compassion Corner, met the guests there, sang songs and gave each guest a special lunch. Each bag also included a special message written by a child.

“I hope you enjoy your lunch”

“Happy Thanksgiving”

“Jesus loves you” 

“I love you.”

Mrs. Adams was really touched by the experience, “It was clear that the individuals who received lunch today felt God’s goodness all around them,” and the children were able to experience the gift of sharing the love of Christ with others.