For the past several weeks Trinity’s athletic field has been busy with flying soccer balls and the Gymnasium has been filled with shouts of, “Mine!” and “Got it!”  All signs that our players and coaches have been working very hard their sports.  Fall sports are starting to wind down here at Trinity and it has been apparent in our students as they grow closer as classmates and friends.  Also, they’ve gotten better.  What was once rogue soccer balls are now controlled and targeted passes and shots.  Free-flying volleyballs, once bouncing off of the ceiling, are now being passed, set, and spiked, with greater accuracy and precision.  Our Vikings are becoming stronger with every practice and game, thanks to coaches Irons and Burnett and, of course, our parents.

For many of our athletes, this year is their first experience playing on a competitive team. This is a big change from developmental teams and clubs where a team’s competitive record is a centerpiece and is known going into every game.  Joining the school’s soccer, basketball, or volleyball team is something many children grow up looking forward to.  Fifth grade is always a big year, especially now that you can wear your school’s colors on the field and in the gym. Our ladies and gentlemen have worn their school’s colors proudly.  They’ve marched into each game ready to take what they’ve been learning in practice and use it to fight for victory.

This season hasn’t been easy for them, many of the teams they’ve played have athletes that have been practicing for years prior to their first time in our league. Our athletes, however, have risen to that challenge and have shown that they have the grit and drive to make all of us proud. They have played with determination and perseverance. Their athleticism is obvious and their sportsmanship evident after every game.

Now that they have had a nice warm-up in fall, it is time to start thinking about winter sports. The winter season runs from November through mid-February with breaks around Christmastime. This year, for the Winter Sports Season, Trinity is offering basketball and cheerleading for students in grades 5-8. Our JV Basketball teams will have games hosted at St. Luke’s Lutheran in Oviedo, while our varsity team(s) will be traveling between other schools while hosting a few home games in our gym as well. Scheduling for winter sports will take place in mid-October and will be published online and on the Athletics bulletin board.

  • JV Basketball (5-6) will be held at St. Luke’s on Mondays and is available to boys and girls
  • Varsity Basketball (7-8) will be split between home and away games