Today, Trinity Lutheran School was blessed with a visit from Pastor Doug Kallesen, the Executive Director of Missions-Outreach at our own District Office.  Pastor Kallesen kindly agreed to come in to share a bit about Epiphany and Jesus’ baptism with our students in the 3 y/o classrooms through 8th grade.  We learned about how the magi found Jesus’ and also what the word “manifest” means! Pastor Kallesen even showed us what a baptismal font is and how baptism works. What great news it is to hear that Jesus has called all of us to be disciples and to be baptized…even if we have glasses! Just as Jesus was baptized, we are to be baptized also, being called into God’s family one by one.


If you or your child is interested in being baptized, please speak with Pastor Billy, Pastor Zehnder, Deaconess Liz, or, really, anyone at Trinity. We would love to help in anyway!  (Email:

To continue the message that was shared today, offer to sing “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb”, “This Little Light of Mine”, or even “Skidamarink” with your child.  Be sure to thank Pastor Kallesen ( for sharing Jesus’ love today and have a happy Epiphany!

Josh Brink
School Music Director