At Trinity, Halloween festivities were about more than bags of candy and kids dressed in adorable costumes—although there was plenty of that to go around. The holiday was an opportunity for the school’s infants to eighth-graders to joyously remind us that we are all part of God’s kingdom.


As Trinity’s students, parents, and teachers paraded around the block, downtown Orlando brightened as students showed off their colorful and creative costumes. The sidewalk on Livingston Street was packed with flowers holding up their pots, frogs using their tongues to catch flies, turtles on the half-shell, farm and jungle animals, feathery birds, and even blades of grass from the Florida grasslands. Dressed as community helpers, kindergarteners were on hand to provide any assistance that might have been needed during the procession.

“This was the best parade we’ve ever had,” said assistant lead teacher Tammy Tellock. “God was really working through us with the creative ideas. We worked for weeks on the costumes. We made puffer fish costumes, sharks, and even dyed white rose petals and hot glued them onto costumes. You could really tell that the Holy Spirit was helping us.”

The parade ended in the gym, where everyone joined together to sing songs and enjoy the day.


“This Halloween celebration at Trinity is not about costumes, it is all about community,” said K-8 Principal Dr. Kevin Brockberg.  “Yes, we had clever and adorable costumes, yet to me the songs we sang together and our spirited celebration of all God’s creatures convinced me that Trinity is indeed a thriving learning community.”