Lutheran South Academy Hurricane Harvey


An opportunity of compassion awaits families of Trinity Lutheran School to reach across the miles from Orlando to Houston to help in the wake of the storms of Hurricane Harvey.

Thousands of displaced families will be returning to homes and businesses to begin to recover and restore from floodwaters.  At Trinity we will be directing the first gift cards from our campaign to nine teachers from the Lutheran South Academy in Houston, whose stories are outlined below:

  • Garret and Sherry Riveness – This couple evacuated from their home by boat and are currently staying with the Hall family.
  • Nate and Gretchen Hagge – They evacuated from their home by boat and are currently
    staying with the Leimkuehler Family.
  • Jon and Britney Maxwell – These teachers were supervising the storm shelter at Lutheran South Academy.  As the waters started to fill the first floor of the school, they evacuated 150 people from the neighborhood that was there seeking shelter, to the 2nd floor of the Middle School building. They are now staying with the Schultz Family.
  • Rachel Sahagan – She is another teacher who evacuated to the Middle School 2nd floor and is now housed at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.
  • Ellen Lachney – She has some water in the house but has not had to evacuate and has a lot of cleaning up to do.
  • Kerri Rapp – She has lost her apartment to flooding and now needs to move.

Gift Cards from Home Depot, Target, and other department and home goods stores will be gathered at Trinity and sent to the Lutheran South Academy where Sheila Psencik, the Head of School, will distribute them to her staff in need.  Additional gift cards will be given out by Sheila to families in the LSA community as she understands the immediate needs of those in the neighborhood.  Cash donations will also be accepted at Trinity and will be used to buy additional gift cards.

Your donation of cards or cash will benefit those stricken by Hurricane Harvey.  This is just one way in which Trinity students can “Manifest the Spirit.”  The offerings will be accepted through September 26.