Last week Trinity Lutheran School’s Kindergarten class, taught by Mrs. McKinnon, read Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. In the story, a beautiful fish is asked to share his glittery scales with the other fish in the ocean, helping to make them beautiful, but he refuses. He didn’t think he could be happy without them.  Over time the beautiful Rainbow Fish feels very lonely and wonders why he has no friends. After meeting with a wise old octopus, the Rainbow Fish is encouraged to give away a scale to discover how to be happy.

The Rainbow Fish tried it, and as he gave away his glittery scales to other fish, one by one, he felt more and more happy and at home!  He was no longer the only beautiful fish in the ocean; they were all beautiful.  He made new friends and found great happiness through sharing his beauty. The students discussed what it means to be a friend and the benefits of sharing while working together to paint one big friendship fish.

The teachers of Trinity Downtown’s school ministries are talented educators who are creative and resourceful in teaching Biblical truths through experiential learning. In this example, literature and art provide the opportunity to let students explore the understanding that God creates us all as unique individuals, with special gifts.  Those gifts aren’t meant to be guarded for our own good, but are meant to be shared with others – to build one another up in Christ’s love.  That’s a great example of our two year theme of “Growing Together.”  We’re looking forward to another year of Growing Together… continuing to build one another up in Christ’s love and becoming deeply rooted in our faith.  (Colossians 2:6-7)