This week of events, 2000 years ago for Jesus in Jerusalem, and for all of us on our campus in Downtown Orlando, are known as Holy Week. What does it mean to be holy? This is the question teachers asked students throughout the week, and the correct explanation begins with dispelling the notion that “holy” means perfect. We all agree that Jesus is perfect, and on earth He  lived a perfect life. This may be why so many mistakenly define “holy” as “perfect.”

A more perfect definition of “holy” is “to be set apart.” This Holy Week is set apart from all other weeks because during this week Jesus set the world apart from the condemnation all of us deserve because human beings are not perfect. Our sin condemns us to death and an eternal life in hell. Jesus took all of this, or as our Readers Theatre explained on Maundy Thursday, all the sins of the world, back then, now and forever were poured into Jesus. Because our sins were poured into Jesus, with no sin humans can live eternally in heaven.
We cannot set ourselves apart for heaven. We cannot be holy enough for heaven. Once forgiven of all of our, we can set our behaviors and attitudes apart to make good choices for growing together at Trinity. Our holiness does not save us, it is a response to the salvation Jesus won during Holy Week.

Trinity students celebrated Holy Week with classroom lessons and art projects, a special Wednesday Chapel. The highlight was our Easter Event on Thursday. Mrs. Malenke led the CDC and school children with songs of the season. And then:

• The Readers Theatre presented the story of Maundy Thursday in the Garden and the Upper Room, and the crucifixion on Good Friday, but as the storytellers explained, Jesus crucifixion was the end of the story for today, but that is not how God planned the ending!
• Students received an empty Easter egg, because the tomb that held Jesus body was empty on Easter morning!photo 4
• Students made and baked clay crosses, to remember the suffering and death of Jesus.
• We celebrated with healthy fruit snacks, no chocolate bunnies or marshmallow eggs here (there will be plenty of chocolate in Easter baskets at home)!
• Students received an Easter Booklet, not keep, but to share with someone about the meaning of Easter!

Holy Week is the week set apart from all other weeks throughout the history of the world. And at Trinity, we set this week apart with special understandings and a truly special celebration of Holy Week on our campus.