Throughout the year, TLS students visit people in need as school service projects. The following narratives express student reflections about recent experiences at the Ronald McDonald House and Second Harvest Food Bank:

     “Have you ever been to Ronald McDonald House? Ronald McDonald is where sick people go and stay while their loved ones are going through surgery. My first time at Ronald McDonald was so amazing. I learned so many things such as why people go there, their experiences, how the house was founded, and much more. When I was at Ronald McDonald, my class and I cooked them lunch. Everybody was so grateful and loving and that meant a lot to me because even though you’re going through a struggle, you could also still love and be thankful.

      When I was there I saw a pregnant women with cancer. I could tell she  was going through a difficult time. Ronald McDonald has a very quiet and calm vibe. The lady that gave us a tour was lovely; you could tell she loves her job.

     What was very surprising was the Ronald McDonald was founded by a lot for donations. 20% of donations come from McDonald’s and the rest given by other donations. Fun Fact: my school Trinity Lutheran Downtown donated money. I would go back anyday and cook for them at Ronald McDonald.” -Angelica R.


    “Ronald Mcdonald House is a non-profit organization that takes in patients that have been in the hospital for a long period of time. The families of the patients stay in a room that doesn’t require any type of payment for their stay. Ronald Mcdonald House has multiple generous features to create an “at home” feeling by having a kitchen with all the everyday appliances included. Each room has its own fridge in the kitchen with the option to cook your own meals. My schoolmates and I have teamed up to give back to the community, we went to Ronald Mcdonald on November 14th. We cooked a meal and had meaningful conversations with the patients. I learned that previous patients had donated rooms to the house because of the helpful service this organization had established.” -Michael M.   

    “My first time at the Ronald Mcdonald House was really life changing and awesome. When we first walked in the door I saw a guy that looked very stressed out. He was on the phone and it looked like he needed a hug to cheer him up. When we were cooking, I saw some people that kind of reminded me of my family. A couple months ago, my grandpa passed away from a major heart attack and my family was really stressed and sad like some of these people. When I saw some of these people it made me more encouraged to cook for them.

    After I was done cooking and serving, I saw this family that looked tired and stressed and I tried to give them a good meal and make them laugh. I said, “You have to serve chicken noodle soup like this – give the noodles first then the soup.” They started laughing and I felt good that I made them laugh. After we were done serving, I was super hungry and proud that I cooked for them. While all of us were eating it was really good and I was happy we helped. We also got to eat candy. I’m glad we went to Ronald Mcdonald House and helped because it helped me learn how to treat people when they are stressed and sad.” -Dillon B.

    “Have you ever wanted to help many people in times of need, as they are suffering from their loved ones being injured or sick? Ronald McDonald has been a very fun trip that I really enjoyed. It provides support, health care, and fun activity to do while being sad. Even though they are going through a horrible time in their lives, the staff at Ronald McDonald can still put a smile on each family member’s face.

    Ronald McDonald is a wonderful place with many amazing moments they share. Even the people that may not be able to provide money to stay there, as they are with their close friend or family member, will not turn their back on someone in their time of need. Did you know that Ronald Mcdonald only runs off of sponsors and donations? It is a group event where everyone is helping one another to make a better community.

    I really enjoyed going to Ronald McDonald because it helped me learn that every little thing matters, no matter how little it is. I also learned that they take amazing care of the families and have a wonderful place for these people. They have many different playrooms for every age of child. Some people may think how is this possible? Well, every different playroom or little relax room is a sponsored area from boys and girls. So this is why I enjoyed Ronald McDonald very much. I hope that everyone can be a part of this wonderful event. Would you like to help people in a time of need?” -Daniel B.