In October 2014, Trinity Lutheran School’s Child Development Center began a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control to promote better health in children and their families.  The program is implemented in 10 states by Nemours.  Trinity’s CDC is one of 50 early childhood centers in Central Florida that follow the plan.  In June 2015, Trinity hosted representatives of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s staff and Nemours to see the plan in action.

Thomas Self of Senator Marco Rubio’s staff listens as Patty Moser describes the details of the CDC’s program that promotes healthy eating and activities to prevent childhood obesity.  Trinity’s CDC program also includes a breastfeeding segment that focuses on infant health.

Officials from Nemours featured Trinity’s CDC as one of three early childhood facilities in a report to Washington legislators to demonstrate the success of the program.  Nemours representatives praise the staff at Trinity’s CDC for continuing to grow and improve the program.

Rich Poole, Trinity’s Food Service Manager, is an important part of the program.  With the help of parents, he has developed 90 healthy entrees that he rotates throughout the year.  Plans are in the works to start a garden that will be harvested for use in the lunch program.

Visitors were treated to classroom visits where they saw the CDC’s beautiful children eating, learning, and having fun.