As the excitement mounted each day during the week, so did the total amount collected during Trinity’s 2018 Penny Wars. Students competed in Penny Wars by classrooms, for two different divisions, happily placing pennies in their own classroom buckets for positive points, and strategically placing silver coins and paper bills into opponents’ buckets for taking points away. In all Trinity students raised $1037.91 in Penny Wars this year!

In the past, Penny Wars supported the building of a Christian School in Cambodia and purchased tables and chairs for our own cafeteria. This year Trinity will be sending the $1037.91 to the Children’s Miracle Network, selected by the Student Council because CMN is the chosen charity of Grade 3 student Patrick. Patrick, just now recovering from surgery to both of his legs, knows how important proper patient treatment is for children in Orlando’s two major hospitals.


Here are a few quick facts from the fun of our week-long event:

  • Only one classroom, Kindergarten, collected more pennies than other coins and had a positive score to win the
    Primary Grades competition (and Free Dress on Monday!)
  • Grades 5-6 won their division with a negative $51.44 (winning with a negative sum!)
  • Grades 3-4 was the classroom with the lowest negative value of -$148.87 (and thus the most popular class with
    whom to compete: they still get a prize on Monday, untucked shirts!)
  • Among the collection were coins from Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Chucky Cheese and the Crayola experience!
  • The oldest penny was from 1927, the year when the Ford Motor Company introduced the Model A to replace the Model T, Charles Lindberg flew the first solo flight across the Atlantic, CBS started 47 radio stations, the carving of Mount Rushmore begins, and the world population was a mere 2 billion people!

Trinity students are quite pleased to know Penny Wars is helping children at the Children’s Miracle Network in Orlando, knowing that every penny helps!