This year’s Penny Wars have finished. A grand total of $672.82 was raised in only 4 days!  As great as that number is that’s not what counts in a Penny War; it’s all about the points.  As with any good competition, there are rules for how to rack up all those penny points. The rules are simple:

-Each penny is worth 1pt.

-Everything that isn’t a penny is worth -1pt.

-Foreign coins and tokens have no value.

-You’re allowed to deposit into any bucket you like.

-The Class/Team with the most points at the end of the week win

The participation from both the students and their families was impressive, to say the least.  Every morning the classrooms would wage war on each other devising plans, sabotaging penny collections with silver change, and altogether have a blast raising funds for their school. Other fun things came from the count other than how much we raised.  Numbers like a total of 17,058 points were collected by the students, the oldest penny collected was from 1934, and 32 total foreign/token coins were included in the war.

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Broken down the 2017 results look like this:

Kindergarten: 5160pts and $182.44

1st: 748pts  and $54.79

2nd: 5466pts and $198.53

3rd-4th: 3886pts and $83.90

5th: 1525pts and $83.00

Middle School: 273pts and $70.16