After recent events in Las Vegas, Trinity’s 5/6 Religion class started talking about our response tragedy and the fear we experience. Many of our Trinity students connected to recent events in Las Vegas through the fear they still hold after the Pulse shootings here in Orlando. Trinity’s students wanted to let kids in Las Vegas know that they understand what they’re going through and that they know God’s promise to care for us is true — something they admit that they understand better now, than before.

The class started talking about the many different ways we can show others that we care about them – especially when they’re far away and we might not be able to physically “do” anything to help.  Praying for others in need is our first option – to share our heartfelt requests to a loving Father in Heaven who hears and responds. AND, we can add a second step to our prayers when we let people know that we are praying for them – especially if we can add a personal touch and make it more tangible.

Trinity’s 5/6 grade students created a plan to let the students at Faith Lutheran Middle & High School in Las Vegas know that we are praying for them and that we care.  The students cut out hearts and delivered them to all of the classrooms on Trinity’s campus from 3 year olds to grade 8 as well as campus offices, etc.  Everyone was asked to decorate/write on the heart, which were collected a few days later and then glued to poster paper. A Bible verse and short message were added and then the poster was mailed to Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School in Las Vegas.

The final product is a beautiful and visable reminder to students in Las Vegas that we’re praying and sending love during this difficult time, now displayed in Faith Lutheran’s cafeteria where all the kids can see it.  Their CEO, Steven Buuck, stated, “The prayers from your school are being felt in Las Vegas as God’s healing hand is being felt.  Many thanks for thinking of us!”


God is our refuge and strength,
  a very present help in trouble. 

Psalm 46:1