TLS School Board

Trinity Lutheran School promotes academic excellence, nurtures personal relationships with God, and prepares all children to lead responsible, purpose-filled lives for Christ.

Your 2015-2016 School Board Members:

President-School Board:  Bev Middleton

Board Member: Marti Behrmann

Board Member: Bonnie Roby

Board Member:  Rich Poole

Board Member:  Bill Gouveia

Board Member:  Kathy Aber

Board Member:  Catherine Simmons

CDC Executive Director (non-voting member):  Mrs. Patty Moser

K-8 Executive Director (non-voting member):  Dr. Kevin Brockberg

School Board Meeting Dates

The School Board meets once each month.


School Board Meeting Agendas

An agenda may be requested in advance of any board meeting by making a written request to the school board president at