On September 27, Trinity students gathered for Morning Assembly outside at the flagpole of Trinity Lutheran Church and School. We joined with the more than three million students the world over this day, who also gathered at their own schools’ flagpoles to begin their days in prayer. For twenty-five years in public, private, and international schools, the last Tuesday in September has been designated as See You at the Pole (SYATP).


The Prayer of the Church directed our thoughts and desires heavenward, knowing that Jesus, as our Savior, makes all prayers acceptable and pleasing to God. The Prayer of the Church made intercessions for: love among neighbors, God’s presence among the 2 or 3 (or 3 million!) people gathered in His Name, government authorities who serve and protect us, angels who protect us from evil, and those mourning after death (last week two school families at Trinity had loved ones sainted in heaven after their passing from this earthly life). Interspersed between these formal petitions were the personal prayers of students.

You don’t have to meet us at the pole to direct your prayers to God. We are all encouraged to pray, and how to pray, from Psalm 5, our theme for this year’s SYATP:

Give ear to my words, O LORD,
Consider my groaning.

Heed the sound of my cry for help, my King and my God,
For to You I pray.

In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice;
In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.
Psalm 5:1-3 (NASV)