Step Up for Students is a scholarship award program for low-income families throughout Florida, used to support enrollment at a private school. Funding for the scholarships is generated from corporate tax credits, and no state funds support Step Up for Students.

Catherine Durkin Robinson, the Executive Director of the Florida Parent Network, met with over 50 parents at Trinity Lutheran School on Thursday, February 16 to rally support for school choice. While the State Supreme Court declined to hear the case against Step Up for Students as unconstitutional, Ms. Robinson encouraged those attending to continue to remain active in their voice for choice, recognizing that “Parent Power” was the groundswell behind Step Up that now provides school choice for over
97,000 Florida students.

Calling school choice the most promising opportunity for equality in America, Ms. Robinson outlined how to keep choice from becoming sidetracked by political bickering and bitter argument. Parents can best express their power by getting to the heart of the issue, sharing their own personal stories of how choosing where their own child will learn makes a difference in their lives. The Florida Parent Network is broadening their scope now to advocate choice for special needs students (McKay and Gardiner Scholarships) and for the charter school movement.

Mr. Mark Brink, the Director of Lutheran Schools in Florida and Georgia, was a special guest at the luncheon. Mr. Brink remarked about the opportunity to be amongst the grassroots of choice as “inspiring.” Thirty-six students attending Trinity Lutheran School receive scholarships from these Choice programs in Florida.

You can learn more about scholarships accepted at Trinity on our website. If you have any questions regarding school choice, Step-Up For Students, or Scholarships please call our front office at 407-488-1919 and we will be happy to answer your questions.