Student Services

Powerful Practices to Support Trinity Students

Discover why the South Association of Colleges and Schools litsed Trinity’s Student Services among our “Powerful Practices.”

Lutheran Special Education Ministries

Trinity partners with LSEM to design plans for individual student learning. LSEM provides certified teachers, specialized instruction, personal assistance, and in-print and online learning resources to move students beyond academic concerns to a program of individual assistance.  To learn more, visit the LSEM website.

Lutheran Counseling Services

Lutheran Counseling Services (LCS) is an outreach of the Lutheran community called to provide quality professional care for individuals, families and communities through confidential counseling and consultation. Trinity’s counselor from Lutheran Counseling Services (LCS) is on-site at Trinity each week to meet with students and staff.  Social and emotional support are provided through individual and group counseling, teacher consultation, crisis management, and educational presentations.  LCS maintains the highest standards of confidentiality in their service to Trinity families. For more information, click here.

MAP Gap Studies in Middle School

Linking individual student MAP results to the powerfully adaptive web-based Study Island, Middle School students work through individually tailored learning modults to “chlose the gap” (should a student neeed tutorials to catch up) or “extend the gap” (with an enriching array of content not yet presented in the school curriculum).  All Middle School students engage in MAP-Gap studies every school day.

Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning provides Reading and Math Intervention for Nonpublic Schools. Achieve™ reading and math intervention reinforces essential skills and quickly brings students up to speed. Catapult Learning’s reading and math intervention programs are designed to support your struggling learners with systematic and explicit instruction that’s tailored to the unique needs of each student.  Delivered by highly trained educators in a small-group setting, Achieve intervention creates a supportive learning environment through scaffolded instruction and guided practice activities that increase self-confidence and the motivation to learn. For more information, click here.