In the spirit of Thanksgiving, students in VPK and Kindergarten gathered together on Friday, November 21, traveling back in time to the origins of Native American gratitude while surveying the history of the first settlers’ Thanksgiving. Mrs McKinnon, Mrs Kathryn, Mrs Liz, Ms Colby, Mrs Stacey,  Mrs Dalene, and their assistants coordinated meaningful lessons and activities for this special morning of learning.


Funny hats, yummy snacks, and active games thrilled our young gobblers! Children rotated between three classrooms and the front yard on a spectacularly sunny day. While outdoors, children linked arms and carried a turkey (beachball) between their hips and played turkey tag. Inside the Kindergarten classroom, children handcrafted turkey hats. Moving on to the VPK classrooms, the children listened to Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message, a beautifully illustrated Reading Rainbow® book which raises an awareness of the goodness of the earth and its abundance from the hand of our God. On to the snack room, children mixed a bag of healthy treats which also conveyed thankfulness in the following symbolic, yummy recipe.


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Trinity Blessings Mix

• Bugles trumpet the cornucopia, the horn of plenty.
• Pretzels represent arms folded in thanks and prayers to God who so richly provides.
• Five pieces of candy corn herald that first Pilgrim winter, when only five mere kernels of corn were eaten each day as food was so scarce.
• Dried fruit manifests that Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest.

Perhaps you can use this recipe at home as a reminder of your Blessings throughout the year. Certainly this Thankful Hearts collaborative effort was a blessing to our VPK and Kindergarten children at Trinity.


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