Three big rules I know by heart,
Each day this is how we start!
Think of others, that Respect,
I’m Responsible for myself.
Trinity Downtown is my school,
Working Hard is our third rule.



This little verse is a fundamental song students sing (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) during our Morning Assembly. By now your are familiar with Trinity’s three big rules, and now you know the song! During the next upcoming postings, I will address each of these three foundations of our school community. Trinity Downtown is grounded in a growing climate of Respect, Responsibility, and Hard Work.

What is Respect? While differing definitions exist, Respect at Trinity simply means thinking of others before you think of yourself. Throughout this week, I witnessed several examples of students displaying Respect which I want to share with you today, these displays include:
• helping a classmate tie a shoe in gym class
• saying “Excuse me” before interrupting a conversation between adults
• eating lunch and keeping conversations quiet, and yes, conversational
• greeting a teacher by name, “Good morning, Mrs. Wiles”
• worshiping in Chapel by sitting still, singing hymns, and listening to God’s Word
• holding the door for classmates after Music class
• working cooperatively with a partner in a Math activity
• listening carefully to directions for a different way of dismissing to the Car Line during a sudden, torrential rainstorm
Ask your child for other instances of Respect he or she can remember from this week, and you will understand how big this rule really is within our learning community!


Dr. Kevin Brockberg