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Welcome to Trinity’s Alumni Page

We want to keep in touch with you, and we hope you will keep in touch with us. We are proud of Trinity Downtown’s commitment to quality, Christ-centered education and hope you will join with other Trinity alumni and members in supporting our school ministry for years to come.  Please use this page, and the TLS alumni Facebook page, to connect with other alumni, and to share your school experiences with one another and as a testimony of the impact Trinity Lutheran School has had in your life.   Please help spread the word to other alumni too!

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Alumni Testimonies

Trinity set me on a firm foundation for life, both spiritually and academically. Sending me to Trinity was the best decision that my parent s could have made for me, and it is truly amazing to see the heights that my Trinity classmates have reached.

Class of 1996

The solid foundation in God that Trinity developed in me has allowed me to build many great relationships that have led to a prosperous personal and professional career. I am thankful every day for the support and knowledge that was given to me during my time as a student at Trinity.

Class of 1997

I graduated from Trinity Lutheran School in 1963.  I still have wonderful memories of my school – an awesome school that I love so much. I still have my ribbons that I won on field day. I had the unique pleasure of watching my son go through school at Trinity, and my 2 grandchildren!  Some things are just priceless, and this is one of those things — the very best building-blocks for life that I could have ever have been a part of.  Thank you Jesus!!

Class of 1963

I was a student at Trinity from Pre-K through eighth grade. It was such a wonderful experience growing up at Trinity, with the care and attention that the students are given, and the Christian education. Because of this strong foundation that Trinity established in me, I have my daughter attending school at Trinity too, so she can be given the gift of growing spiritually, academically and socially, just as I had.

Class of 1987 (daughter: class of 2021)

Throughout my continuing education in high school, college, and now my career, it has become clearer and clearer that God had used Trinity for me to nurture a fulfilling life on earth that leads to a perfect life in heaven.

Class of 2002