Who? All Trinity Lutheran School students; from CDC children through K-8 students

What? The Viking Challenge is Trinity’s one and only annual school fundraiser. Students exercise aerobically at school on Wednesday, February 22 and start collecting pledges now from family and friends.

Why?  This is your school, and this is your opportunity to support two child-centered projects, the Big Oak Playground and the Fellowship Hall (Project Genesis)

How? Two ways: Trinity will mail out the information student families supply, or you can email the Viking Challenge link to family and friends online.

When?  Here is the Viking Challenge Timeline:

January 23 Kick-Off!  Students receive information packets to share at home with parents
January 23-February 13 Students submit sponsors address labels to the office, and/or connect online; you chose how to get sponsors
February 1-15 Prizes awarded to students for turning in sponsor sheets
February 22 The grand day! Students exercise aerobically to “earn” their sponsors’ contributions to the Viking Challenge

TLS $50,000 Viking Challenge 2017

The students of Trinity Lutheran School challenge you to support their school with a donation, exercise aerobically, and watch and pray as we “Grow Together.” Donated funds will be used to:

  1. Complete the Oak Tree Playground with developmentally appropriate playscapes for CDC and VPK children, and to
  2. Renovate the Fellowship Hall Cafeteria with an ambiance conducive to meals served family-style, peppered with quiet conversation, all in an atmosphere of etiquette and courtesy,


Oak Tree Playscape Funding 

Oak Tree Playscape  Play permeates the development of every child in the CDC.  Outdoor play fosters and extends creativity, imagination, motor skill competency, social connections, and mature behavior.  Intentionally green this Playscape is engineered to optimize play in Trinity’s enterprise of child development in the CDC.

We aim to raise $25,000 to engineer the Oak Tree Playscape.  Added to our PTL contribution of $10,000, and combined funds from our Buy-A-Brick Campaign, we hope to have the children’s Playscape completed in 2017, with these fun, engaging elements

  • StoryBook Cottage
  • Crawl-Through Caterpillar
  • Jump-Start Climber
  • Kinetic Play Panel


Project Genesis Funding

Project Genesis is our second initiative this year, continued from last year’s Viking Challenge.  With onsite food preparation and service, Trinity optimally leverages early learning to introduce healthy, natural, nutritious alternatives to processed and packaged foods for toddlers to teens.  We are seeking to promote the appeal of healthy foods as tasteful with a facility to parallel the quality of our aims.   We believe that a contemporary, modernized facility will become a Genesis to the joy of eating well, all lifelong, beginning at Trinity Lutheran School.

We aim to raise $25,000 from the Viking Challenge for:

  • Walk-In Food Storage Cooler
  • Nutrition Education
  • Non-Disposable Plates and Flatware
  • Mobile Café Tables and Chairs
  • Acoustic Ceiling, Lighting, Laminate Flooring, New Doors, Awnings, and Partitions

Contribute To The Viking Challenge?

Suggested sponsors of TLS students are family members, relatives, close friends, neighbors and those with whom you do business (hairstylist, piano teacher, soccer coach, doctor)

  1. Donate online, it’s Easy!  Just click HERE
  2. Send this link for your sponsors to connect with our web page and donate: (http://school.trinitydowntown.com/vikingchallenge/)

How Sponsorship Works

Viking Challenge 


Viking Challenge 


Duration of Activity How to donate
CDC children Indoor obstacle course  20 minutes Either:

  • Pledge an amount per minute
  • Sponsor with a set donation for the 20 minutes
VPK, Kindergarten, Grades 1-2 Run/walk around the soccer field  20 minutes Either:

  • Pledge an amount per minute
  • Sponsor with a set donation for the 20 minutes
Grades 3-8 Run a 500-yard course around the campus 30 minutes Either:

  • Pledge an amount per minute
  • Sponsor with a set donation for the 30 minutes
  • Pledge an amount per each lap of 500-yards


Thank you for promoting your 

TLS Viking Challenge 2017!