Tuition & Fees

Child Development Center

Infants to Four Years – VPK

2017-2018 Annual Registration Fee

$175 child/school year

Families that register after January 1 for the remainder of the 17-18 year will be charged $100.


PTL Annual Fee 2017-2018

$40 per family


Weekly Tuition: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

Infant Room:  $235

Toddler Class:  $220 + $12

Pre K 2 Class:  $210 + $12

Pre K 3 Class: $200 + $12

Pre K 4 Class: $200 + $12



9 am – 12 pm:  no charge

VPK Instructional Weeks with Wrap-Around Care – 7 am – 6:00 pm:  $175 + $12  

Summer Wrap-Around Care: $200 + $12

VPK Instructional Days (Drop In) – 7 am – 6 pm:  $45 + $12

VPK Non-Instructional Days (Drop In) – 7 am – 6 pm:  $55 + $12


Note: All weekly tuition is due regardless of attendance.

Payments are processed the Friday prior to the week of care.

Each child will be charged a Healthy Nutrition Fee of $12 per week that covers all daily snacks and lunches.

Healthy snacks and lunches include fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in accordance to our commitment to the Nemours Healthy Habits guidelines. We do not serve juices or desserts.


Part-time students who share days each week:

  • Each family must pay for their number of days each week regardless of attendance. The part time Healthy Food Fee is $5/one day, $7/2 days, $12/3 or more days.


  • Each child receives a total of 2 weeks where parents pay ½ the child’s usual weekly tuition rate and it may be used for vacation or illness. 1 week must be used July – November and the second week in December – June of the current school year.  Every family will receive an additional discounted week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Children enrolled in VPK only do not get vacation days as there is no charge for their attendance and participation in the program.


  • Each family with two children enrolled full-time will receive a $5.00/wk. discount for the second child. Additional discounts are available to families with 3 or more children. Please speak to the Director.


The CDC program will be closed on the following holidays:

MLK Jr. Day, Good Friday, the Monday following Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Center Planning Day (August),

Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

Elementary & Middle School

Kindergarten to Eighth Grade


The annual registration fee of $400 per child is due with Registration documents and the Financial Agreement. Registration fees must accompany the registration form to consider your child’s re-enrollment complete for the school year for which you have applied.



$20 fee, non-refundable



This fee is a non-refundable fee of $200 charged to new students entering grades K through 8. It must be paid within 10 days of notification of acceptance into Trinity Lutheran School to hold your child’s seat.


Every new child applying to Trinity will be asked to take an Admissions test. The cost of this test is $40, is non-refundable, and is included in the new student fee. Acceptance will be subject to test results.



Tuition continues to cover expenses associated with core curriculum, enrichment programs, sports and music programs, achievement testing, textbooks, field trips and teacher salaries. Tuition payments are made through Tuition Express. Tuition Express forms must be completed and turned in before your registration is considered complete.

All parents are required to meet with the Finance Department to establish their family’s tuition payment plan. For your convenience, the Finance Department has set aside May 22-26 for returning families and June 5-9  for new families to meet with parents to establish tuition payment plans prior to beginning the 2017-2018 school year. Drop-in appointments are available during regular business hours (9am-5pm), and additional appointment options are available with a 48-hour notice. Please contact Trinity’s Finance Manager, Liz Roberts, to schedule your appointment at or call (407) 488-1919 x 110.      

The first tuition payment is due no later than July 1 or at the time of registration if after July 1, and is non-refundable.

K-8 Tuition shall be paid in full by final payment on June 1 of the close of the enrolled school via pre-determined monthly payments (first payment due July 1 preceeding the first day of the school year for which you have registered, last payment June 1).

If you enroll after July 1, the tuition amount will be divided equally between the number of months from the registration date through final June 1 payment). Tuition is paid through Trinity’s tuition management system, Tuition Express. For more details about payment procedures please contact Trinity’s Finance Manager at 407-488-1919 x 110.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Tuition                                                  $8135

Technology Fees                                 $238

Field Trips                                            $50

Lunch Program                                    $315

Total Tuition                                      $8,738


3rd – 5th Grade 

Tuition                                  $8,207

Technology Fees                 $338

Field Trips                              $165

Lunch Program                     $315

Total Tuition                      $9,025


6th – 8th Grade

Tuition                                  $8,428

Field Trips*                               $40

Lunch Program                       $315

Technology Fee                     $450

Total Tuition                      $9,233

*Middle School class trips are paid for separately, as part of the cost is fundraised.

**Trinity’s Lunch Program is included in all tuition plans.  Opt out permitted only by medical necessity.