Waves of Grace

Class field trips and extended school excursions take teachers, students and their parents away from Trinity to the theater, museums, historical shrines, the lush environment of Florida, and north up the East Coast of the United States.

IMG_6194In 2015-16 students traveled by bus, train, and plane to the Dr. Philips Center, the Philharmonic, and the Rep Theater.  We toured exhibits at the Orange County Library, the Museum of History, and the State Museum in Tallahassee.  We paddled the nearby Shingle Creek, and the distant Okefenokee Swamp.  We came back awed by the magnificence of our nation’s capital, the commemoratives of our nation’s past, and the freedoms we strive to uphold for every citizen.  We packed cans of food at a shelter, served meals to families stricken by cancer, and dedicated our “Hearts for Jesus” offerings to building new Christian schools in Cambodia.

This year Trinity Lutheran School is hosting an art contest for not only its students but also teachers, and parents as well. If you went on one of the class trips during the 2015-16 school year we invite you submit your best art pieces.

What did this year’s experiences away from Trinity teach young and old alike?  Over and over again, like the ceaseless waves lapping Florida’s magnificent coastline, our minds and hearts were awash in this brush with multiple experiences beyond Trinity.  The beauty of arts and culture, the history beckoning projections into the future, the camaraderie of learning together, and safe travels, are all truly blessings from our loving God and Lord.

This yearbook is a compendium of our experiences, captured by artistic expressions and written reflections of our learning community.  All of which might be summed by the familiar chorus of one of our student’s beloved chapel songs:


Waves of mercy, waves of grace

Everywhere I look, I see Your face

Your love has captured me

Oh my God This love

(This world, these experiences, and so many memories)

How can it be?

[copyright: David Crowder with addendum]

Additional sign-up sheets have been sent home with students and will also be available at the K-8 front Desk.

Download: Waves Of Grace Sign Up