The three year old class at Trinity known as the Peace Family took some time to think about what fills up their buckets.  Classroom teachers Ms. Stacey, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Nellie and Ms. Eva have shared with their students the idea that everyone has an invisible bucket. When our buckets are full it helps us walk close to Jesus!  When are buckets are not so full we can reach out to Jesus and he will help us fill up. We can fill up one another’s buckets too, by being loving and kind. There are lessons on bucket-dippers too. (Try not to be a bucket-dipper!) A great introduction to this idea is the storybook by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled A Bucket Today.

The children took an empty bucket home and brought it back to school all filled up. Here’s some of what fills up their buckets; Jesus, their families and friends, the beach, Thomas the train, Elsa from Frozen, pizza, stickers, animals, and even crayons. We were having so much fun the staff joined in as well and added their favorite bucket-fillers (Jesus, faith, family, seeing students baptised, connections with co-workers in ministry, devotional readings, hugs, kind words, appreciation) and we created a wall to remind us of all the many different ways to fill up the buckets around us.

One of the best things about our buckets is that when you put drops in someone else’s bucket you get a drop in yours too!  Take some time to check how full your bucket is today–find out what fills yours up and how you can be a person who fills someone else’s bucket.  There are plenty of things right here at Trinity to fill your bucket!

So, what fills YOUR bucket, and how do you fill the buckets of others?