I Voted


Trinity students in grades 1-8 exercised a civic opportunity to vote at student polling stations in Trinity’s Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, November 8th, on their way to PE classes.

Special ballots, different and appropriate for each grade level, involved students’ understanding of the Federal Elections process, and also included mock State Elections and Ballot Proposals as these were studied this Fall in classrooms. The students learned first-hand what it’s like to fill out a ballot at a polling place and what it means to take part in our democratic process.

The Mock Elections were monitored by members of the Student Council who recorded sign-ins and made sure voting rules were being followed.  Voter turnout was excellent at Trinity. We had near 98% participation!

After school, the votes were tallied and the results were shared during Morning Assembly today so that the students were able to see the results of the exercise. The emphasis of this special event was to simulate a voting experience for all of our students and to stimulate civic interest in the democratic process that is every American’s right and responsibility.  It is clear that Trinity students love their country and are proud to have taken part in the democratic process. Dr. Brokberg and Faculty also used this as a teaching moment to remind students that no matter the turnout, “The authorities that exist have been established by God. (Rom.13:1)”

Voting 1