This week our annual Fall Book Fair is taking place. Books arrived on Monday from Scholastic and Tuesday our students made their wish lists. Our fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wilkins, integrated it into their lessons this week with a writing activity about the fair. One of the fifth grade students articles was selected and is featured here.



I interviewed Lynn Hoctor about the annual Trinity Lutheran School Scholastic Book Fair! Your child has been sent home Scholastic Book magazines, which feature Scholastic books for purchase. Mrs. Hoctor wants to encourage your children to read more and set their imaginations free.

The books for purchase are categorized by toddlers to adults. Your little tot can’t read yet? That’s fine! Read to them and give then a head start! There are also cookbooks, magazines, and novels for adults and grandparents. Your children’s eyes will glow. So please, come join us for the Trinity Lutheran School Book Fair!

~Fifth Grade Student