“Summer camp is really fun!” -Thomas

Camp Trinity is a great Christ-centered summer camp program for elementary and middle-school children. Daily life at camp is based on weekly themes that inspire the activies and field trips for each day.  There is plenty of free play and structured play time during the days along with activities from Camp Google, Wednesday Chapel, and field trips each week!


IMG_2144“I like the diving boards at the pool!” -Denton

Summer camp at Trintiy is always full of exciting adventures. This month, at the Orlando Public Library, campers had the chance to see a magic show, “The Tortoise and the Hare, the Musical” and an African Dance show. The free shows have given campers the chance to explore many different types of people and music.

“I liked when Ms. Donati flipped off the diving board and she failed, I wish she won.” -Sofia


Along with our library shows, students get to cool off on hot days in the swimming pools. There were even students attempting to teach Ms. Donati how to do front flips off the diving boards! In addition to trips to the pool and the library, campers got to experience the Mascot Games at the Amway Center where they also got to see different performers and cheer for their favorite teams!

IMG_2133Campers took the Sunrail train for the first time, and got to sit on the top floor! We walked from the station to the Shakespeare Theater and watched a play called “The Beauty and the Beast”. During the show, two of our students were called up to the stage to help the “fairies”. They were both really excited about joining real actors! After the play, everyone got together to perform their own skits by using props and lines. They had fun being directors, actors and a part of the audience for their peers. Campers are having a blast and are excited for many more weeks to follow.

 For more information, schedules, and upcoming events check out Camp Trinity’s page.


Mascot Games


Camp Selfie

Yves pool