Joshua O., a Grade 5 student at Trinity, shared these reflections about his recent field trip to Epcot and the presentation of the Kinsey Collection of Black History.  Through Josh’s poignant pen, you too will catch the illustriousness of the experience at Epcot for all of our Middle School Students.  Josh’s essay which follows, is representative of the many of the essays I read with interest, and captures the thrill of the occasion:

The Time I Went to Epcot With my School

The time I went to Epcot with my school was fun. We paired in different groups and I thought everybody liked their groups very much. Everybody rode together on a charter bus. On the bus, the bus driver put on a movie to pass the time. By the time we got there we didn’t get to finish the movie. When we all got out of the charter bus we got into our groups and started to explore. Schools from around the world went to Epcot for Black History Month including my school. Everybody went to a theater type place and sat down to listen and watch a presentation.

The Black History Presentation was amazing, especially beginning with the walk into the theater. There were red drapes on the wall, statues of Black history heroes on window-like marble arches beside the red draped walls, red velvet chairs, and a huge stage in the front of the room. When the presentation started, a lady with a Disney labeled shirt introduced the son of the Kinseys, Kalil Kinsey. A personable young man, Kalil told a few jokes, and then the projector showed a lot of Black History heroes. Kalil told us fascinating facts about them, one by one.

After the presentation we had the whole Epcot Park to ourselves and the public. We took a lot of pictures! And when it was time to go home Mrs.Brockberg had one more announcement, that we had homework!