At Trinity Lutheran School, in addition to seeking excellence through the developmental and academic curriculum you would expect, we also teach about the world as created by God. We help students to think of themselves as God’s beloved children through the work of Jesus Christ to save us. We seek to model Christian behavior, loving and praying for our students, and expect each student, teacher, and staff member to interact with others in kindness, gentleness, compassion, and love.

To that end, our Christ-centered education includes weekly worship.  For our three-year-old students, there is a special worship service just for their age group.  Pastor Zehnder loves to make worship fun and engaging and often invites students to participate actively in worship; whether singing, dancing, coming up to the altar or this week, even some acolyte training for three-year-olds (usually this starts in 6th grade).  So if you hear anything about putting out a fire in church this morning, don’t worry!