Elementary School Overview

Bridging from our exemplary Child Development Center, our accredited Elementary School academic program is dynamic, forged upon the skills and experiences of our highly-qualified, licensed, and incredibly caring faculty. 

Ask any student in Kindergarten or First grade, and each would declare:

  • We know Three Big Rules by heart: Respect, Responsibility, Hard Work…we sing a song about this!
  • We love Authors: Seuss, Eric Carle, Leo Lionni, Mo Willems, Ourselves (We are young authors, too!), and so many others!
  • We practice Math: Counting, Grouping, Patterning, Problem Solving, Geomety, Number Sense
  • We explore Science: “Animals Two by Two,” “Materials in our World,” “Trees and Weather”
  • We affirm Faith and Religion: Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you! I love my neighbor as I love myself!
  • We use Technology every day: Interactive SMART Board and iPads in our Interest Centers

Students in Second through Fourth Grade would confirm:

  • We know Three Big Rules by heart: Respect, Responsibility, Hard Work!
  • We love Authors: E.B White, Andrew Clements, James Howe, Betty Birney, Dr. Seuss, C. S. Lewis
  • We practice Math: to master place value, all four operations, geometry, and fractions
  • We explore Science: ecosystems, rocks & minerals, matter, simple machines, electric circuits
  • We affirm Faith and Religion: through Bible stories, memory work, and  beginning a life of prayer
  • We use Technology every day: Interactive SMART Boards, iPads, Chromebooks for coding, IXL, Typing Agent, and Read naturally, to name just a few of our web-based student resources


To learn more, please read our TLS Blog, or call 407-488-1919 x104 to schedule a visit that suits your busy schedule.  Either way, we invite you to explore an education embracing the future, while being rooted in a foundation of deep, lasting tradition.  Visit Trinity Lutheran School to discover how we are building a vibrant learning community, growing together in Christ’s love.