“It was the best thing ever!!!!” -Shanelly

Trinity Lutheran School’s 2nd/3rd grade teacher, Ms. Robin Beltz, is a huge fan of Z88.3 and has been sharing the radio station with her students throughout the year. While listening to the station, the kids heard about the Fall Fundraiser and asked what that was. Ms. Beltz explained it to them, and that she supports it every year. In their Religion, Reading and Social Studies classes the students have been covering community and helping others and the class decided they definitely wanted to be a part of the Fall Fundraiser. They worked hard to collect money and were very excited to send it in.

The 2nd and 3rd graders are also known for their love of singing. Many times, they have been hard at work, and a song would come on Z88.3, and they would just start singing! Because of this, Ms. Beltz wrote to Z88.3 to tell them about all about her class’s singing. When she met Ellis and Tyler, she told them all about her students; their love of God, Z88.3 and singing. Ellis and Tyler were kind enough to record a short video with her to share with her kids and the rest of the Trinity family and everyone loved it! It was then that Ms. Beltz asked Ellis if he would like to come by the school to meet the kids and have lunch with them. A few emails later and it was all set!

Ms. Beltz tells us about that morning:  “The day Ellis was to come by I had my class sit down to write in their writing journals to the following prompt: What would you do if Ellis walked in right now?  Ellis walked in while they were writing!  They were completely overwhelmed and overjoyed to be meeting their favorite celebrity. The next day on Z88.3, Ellis talked about his time in our class, mentioned some of the kids by name, commented on the homework they gave him and promoted Trinity!”

Trinity Lutheran School is so blessed to have teachers who love sharing the Gospel in class any way possible!  Being able to listen to Z88.3 during the day allows us to share the Gospel through music and gives us yet another way to impact our student’s lives in a positive way.  Thank you Ellis and Z88.3 for stopping by for a visit with our Trinity family.


“I was so suprised!” -Cleo


“It was kind of cool!” -Thomas


“I didn’t know it was him! I though it was a hologram!”  -Chris


“I am a huge fan of Z88.3. The praise music, positive messages and love of God have gotten me through many trials and challenges. I feel so blessed!”   -Ms. Beltz



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