You may have seen his artwork…

Perhaps the logo from the Viking Challenge has caught your eye.  Maybe the urban sketches of Orlando in our brochure have sparked your curiosity, or caused you to think, “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that…”  You may wonder who created these sketches.  Please read on…

Thomas Thorspecken graciously put pen, pencil, and brush to canvas to help us with our logo for this year’s Viking Challenge.  The logo is a beautiful watercolor of Downtown Orlando from the point of view of Lake Eola. A swan boat floats by as people take in the Walt Disney Amphitheater just a short walk away from Trinity’s campus.  Last year Thorspecken, who is an accomplished area artist, Disney animator, and Daily News correspondent, sat down with Trinity students and helped them sketch and watercolor their own works featuring Lake Eola.

Thor Fountain


This year…

This year we welcomed him back to our newly updated campus.  Not only is Mr. Thorspecken working with our elementary and middle schoolers on their Viking Challenge postcard projects, but he also took the time to sit in on some of our classes, sketching life at Trinity with his unique style.

Mr. Thorspecken has again offered some of his original pieces of Trinity to be used as special appreciation gifts for the highest donors to our Viking Challenge.  The students’ artwork will be featured on postcards that will be sent out to recognize and thank all those who donate.

To see Mr. Thorspecken’s artwork go and check out his blog Analog Artist Digital World or turn on your favorite Disney movies like Pocahontas, Lilo And Stitch, or Brother Bear.

Art Kart Thor


The Viking Challenge…

We are challenging you to dive-in, dash, pedal, wheelchair, walk, skateboard, jog or whatever you do to get active with your family and friends.  We want you to enjoy the challenge of fun and fitness, and to remember Trinity with a gift for our encouragement and challenge to get active! The proceeds will help to fund Project Genesis, which was inspired by a partnership with Nemours Hospital Healthy Foods Cooperative. Project Genesis aims to support Trinity’s focus on healthy eating and nutrition education by funding a modern facility that reflects the importance of a healthy lifestyle.TLCS-VikingChallenge-BrochureLOGO (002)

We aim to raise $25,000 and secure another $25,000 in matching grants for…

  • Doors and Partitions
  • Acoustic Ceiling and Lighting
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Non-Disposable Plates and Flatware
  • Mobile Cafe Table sand Chairs
  • Walk-In Food Storage Cooler
  • Awnings
  • Curriculum Enrichment 

To learn more about this year’s Viking Challenge or to donate to Project Genesis stop by the official page.