Each year during Summer Camp at Trinity Lutheran School our students and staff get involved with the community and create a service project. This summer, with all that has happened here in Orlando, we thought it would be a great idea to show our local police department a little love and gratitude for their hard work. We contacted the department and found out that there are 780 officers.  After some serous brainstorming, a big commitment from our Summer Camp participants, and help from Trinity’s Child Development Center, we decided we could create personalized thank you cards for all 780 OPD officers and extras for their support staff!

Service Project OPD

At first, the children of Camp Trinity were a little hesitant to take on such an enourmous project!  (It’s a big number!) So, with a little creativity, our counselors came up with a fun game to help encourage the children. With every 100 cards, we had a mini celebration to show our excitement. We ended up doing about 150 cards per day.

OPD collage pics

Along with the cards, we thought it would be nice if the officers had a little heart attached to them. We set up stations for the children to create little iron-bead hearts. They were troopers for this too! Every day, for about 2 weeks, they did a little under 100 iron-bead hearts and at the very end, we all celebrated with a fun field trip and ice cream! The fronts of the cards have a cute little picture with various words that say “thank you”, and the backs of the cards have the hearts attached to them with our school and camp logo that say “From our hands to your hearts. Thank you for all that you do!”