Kids’ Views:  Performing at Orlando’s Tree Lighting Celebration

The audience at the Disney Amphitheater knows well the incredible performance of our students at this premier downtown event. What is not known is our students’ own reflections about the performance. Consider the following, and you will understand how we are all Growing Together downtown in Orlando:


My favorite moment was during the bows when the crowd cheered us all on ….

My favorite memory was when everyone sang the final song, which was a medley of all the main songs ….10849854_870301706323925_1424979425992877672_n

Although I usually get shy, I felt safe and welcomed to sing in front of the public. What an amazing opportunity for me ….

We all had fun and enjoyed The Gift ….

At first I was kind of mad that it started to rain, but I was surprised to see how many people actually stayed to watch while it was raining, and I thought it was very sweet for them to stay and hear the Word of God ….

What stood out the most was Taylor’s (Mary’s) solo on stage and she sang very well ….

The rain was making the puffy pint scarves of the Sand Princesses look not puffy ….

Everyone on stage had so much fun singing and dancing ….

I have the song Emmanuel stuck in my head ….

Standing on the Lake Eola stage and just glaring down on the smiling crowd is my biggest memory. It felt really good to spread God’s message all around Orlando ….

Even though we were soaked, we all were so happy ….10404296_10206002143239606_1646719908858410892_n

We all learned, the audience and us, that the best way to honor God and celebrate Christmas is to give the gift away. I could tell the audience knew that ….

I felt like it was magical or special ….

I wish we could do it all over again ….

Even though it rained, it was worth telling people about Jesus ….

This was the best play ever !!!!