Trinity Lutheran School got a very special visit from Orlando’s Fire Department Station 1. The firefighters spent time with students in VPK through second grade to demonstrate what firefighters do to get ready when the alarm sounds at the firehouse. The students then shared with the visiting firefighters what they’ve learned to do if their clothes catch fire (Stop, Drop and Roll) and what to do if they need to exit a burning building (Get low and Get out).  Students were also assured that although a firefighter may look and sound a little scary with all his gear on, he is there to help them to safety. The day ended with the opportunity for the students to walk through the firetruck and look at all of the different tools that firefighters use to fight fires.

Thank you the crew of Department 1, Engine 101, for sharing your commitment to safety with everyone at Trinity Downtown and our Downtown Orlando community. You have our prayers. Stay safe out there!