ndop table 22Mrs. Brockberg and students in Grades 7 and 8 led Trinity to our knees in prayer for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7. The National Day of Prayer has grown to become a world-wide event since the First Continental Congress inaugurated a “call to prayer” in 1775; in 1952 President Harry Truman and the US Congress declared a National Day of Prayer to be recognized the first Thursday in May each year.
Trinity gathered for our May 7 Morning Assembly at the flagpole to begin our school-wide observance of this year’s National Day of Prayer. The color guard presented and raised both the United States flag and the Christian flag; we displayed these colors because our nation was founded upon prayer and a reverence for God and His Word. Following the student invocation, beginning our day in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Dr. Brockberg prayed that God would open our school to his grace, and students would open their minds to learn and grow.

ndop gelEvery hour on the hour, Middle School students read their prayers over the intercom for all to hear. At each hour, students prayed for our school, our church, world leaders, US leaders and current national concerns, individual healing, and safety throughout our homes and land. At noon, the proclaimed hour of prayer, we listened to this cry of faith:
Dear God,
Please be with our Nation at all times and especially today. We are all one and we shall stay that way until You come back. Please be with every state today as they pray for the others. Please give the people that aren’t completely believers in You yet have the strength to just pray today. Thank You for all You have done for this nation. You have kept us safe, You have given us peace, and You have given us Your love to help us through each day. Thank You for all of these things and please be with our nation as we pray to you together today.
In Your Name we pray, Amen!

ndop tableAt the entrance to Trinity, parents and students were encouraged to write and place their prayer requests on poster boards adorned with the theme of the National Day of Prayer , “Lord hear our cry” from 1 Kings 8:28. Throughout the day, red and blue post it notes displayed names of loved ones, hurting friends, prayers for peace and understanding, thanksgiving for parents, pastors, and teachers, comfort and healing, safe travel, and so many, many more. Against the backdrop of beloved hymns, our hallowed hallways brought us all closer to our gracious and loving God, who promises to hear all of our prayers.