The new school year is off to a great start.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  The campus is so busy and full of energy.  We have new families and children that have been here for years and everyone is enthusiastic and eager to start the day.  So many wonderful friendships formed, experiences broadened and learning happening every day.  Walk through one of our classrooms and watch the children eat lunch together, all sitting at a table, family style.  Teachers join them to help pour, pass and model please and thank you.  Mealtime is a very intimate social experience that is very important to a child’s socio-emotional development.  In our infant rooms babies are experiencing tummy time, trying first foods, being read to, learning to walk and sucking on their toes.  Our toddlers and twos are learning to sit at tables to play and eat, share, use the toilet, sit at circle time and learn Spanish. The three year olds are learning letters and numbers, are practicing their writing, learning new songs and developing coordination of their large muscles.  Don’t even get me started on VPK…the children are using a Promethean board to learn about the world and practice writing skills.  They are walking to the Handy Pantry to purchase a snack with their own money.  Developing phonemic awareness skills to enhance reading and literacy, delivering letters they have written to their class mailbox, and exploring concepts in math and science like more, less,  grouping, planning, hypothesizing, and estimating.  So many cool things, so much opportunity to learn.

jpeg;base64ca2be90450bf984eWhen I look around I think I am more awestruck by some of our teachers.  There are bubble maps hanging in classrooms, watercolor paintings, cutting, pasting, and teachers engaged in the learning process right along with the children.  Setting up an environment for learning and allowing free exploration of materials is what they do, watching them scaffold and build on the knowledge that the children already have is the icing on the cake.

Today one of our teachers, Andrene Demontongic who recently completed the Orlando Tech Child Development Apprenticeship program, was awarded Student of the Year for the State of Florida.  Accompanying the award was a check in the amount of $500.  Many of our teachers have already earned their Child Development Credential, an Associates Degree, a Bachelors, or they are now attending school to earn their 4 year degree.   Each year they attend 30 + hours of in-service training and bring their new knowledge back to Trinity to share with others.  I am so thrilled that you have trusted us with the care and education of your children.  It is going to be an AWESOME year.

– Patty Moser – CDC Director