Whether you are new to Trinity Lutheran School or you have been here for years, we are kicking off a new year at an excellent school where our children will grow academically and be touched by the love of Christ. All parents of students enrolled in Trinity Lutheran School are members of the Parent Teacher League (PTL). There are several objectives the PTL Board focuses on during each school year. These include:

• Promoting and fostering communication between Trinity Lutheran School’s teachers and staff, parents and Trinity Lutheran Church
• Promoting and fostering the welfare of Trinity Lutheran School’s students in the home, school, place of worship and the community
• Promoting active participation by parents in all aspects of the Student’s education and welfare
• Providing feedback on the operational issues of the school
• Providing monetary support for the academic and cultural programs offered by the school


Your PTL Board works very hard each year to provide monetary support for the academic and cultural programs offered by Trinity Lutheran School. In order to accomplish these tasks, the Board promotes many different Fundraisers and Events. We encourage you to get involved and to be a part of helping our children grow academically. Being involved is also a lot of fun! You get to meet many amazing parents and staff volunteering for the various events and fundraisers held throughout the year.

The first event of the school year is the PTL Room Parent Meeting that will be held on Thursday September 7th. If you are interested in being a Room Parent for the 2017/2018 school year, please contact Nicole Gough at ngough@Dewberry.com. During the Room Parent Meeting, Nicole will be explaining the role of being a Room Parent and how to communicate to class parents. Being a Room Parent is a great way to get involved at Trinity.

The second event of the school year is the PTL General Meeting which will be held on Thursday September 21st. This is a great opportunity to find out what is happening here at Trinity! The PTL will introduce their board members, review the PTL budget for the 2017/2018 school year and provide information regarding PTL sponsored programs, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Stay tuned to hear more about upcoming events!

Next Event Coming up in October:  Trinity’s Downtown Orlando Pumpkin Patch