Naturally, attention at Trinity’s five graduation ceremonies at the end of this school term centered upon students and their success in classrooms throughout the year.  Trinity recognizes scholarly pursuits as well as character development in our quest to “Promote Academic Excellence and Nurture Christian Character” as our school purpose.

At our recent graduations, five parents were recognized for their voluntary efforts to support Trinity and the many dynamics behind the aims of our purpose.  Congratulations and thank you to these, our Super Viking Parents of 2018!


Mr. Brendan O’Brien for Penny Wars

“Every year there are more to count!” exclaimed Mr. O’Brien, and indeed he is correct.   This year Penny Wars surged to over $1000 donated to The Children’s Miracle Network.  “I chose to get involved with Penny Wars because it is a unique and fun way for kids to think about charities, and their excitement keeps drawing me in.  Giving is an important attitude to cultivate,” recounted Mr. O’Brien.   Counting all those coins is indeed a tedious task, and Mr. O’Brien in this service to Trinity finds the mindless counting a break from the rigors of his job as an engineer.



Mrs. Cindy Wasielewski for PTL Volunteer Coordinator

“My motivation is primarily to benefit the students at Trinity, bringing unique activities and events to the school through the Parent Teacher League, and this can’t happen without volunteer support.  From Touch-A-Truck to the Pumpkin Patch, we also draw the community to our campus, so they can see first-hand the quality of the school.”  Mrs. Wasielewski also recognizes that she is “just one piece of the big puzzle” of Trinity Lutheran School.



Mrs. Blaine Worak for Touch-A-Truck

“I don’t think I did that much,” remarked Mrs. Worak.  This could be true if you don’t think hosting over 2,000 people isn’t that much.  “I got involved with the marketing, and as the event neared, I saw the need for helping more to make it successful.  I enjoyed working with all the volunteers, and getting all the trucks in for this special annual event at Trinity.”   Mrs. Worak even worked with the drivers, giving them breaks throughout the day; “pretending to be a truck driver was really fun,” she reminisced.



Mrs. Stacey Walters for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Mrs. Walters is yet another parent who “fell into it, and helping to honor the teachers now seems like a second nature to me.”  Mrs. Walters is very clear that this is much, much more than teacher appreciation, because the teacher and the staff do so much for the families at Trinity, and she explained it is her distinct pleasure to “give back” for their care and expertise.  Always thinking about the next perk, she wondered about a free car wash for teachers and staff next year and … and … and who knows what else?



Mrs. Brandi Meyer as the PTL President

As you now know from this brief overview or our Award winners, the PTL is integral to the life and times of Trinity Lutheran School.  This year Mrs. Brandi Meyer served as the President of the PTL.  “It is a lot to manage, yes.  But there are some wonderful people who pitched in to make it all happen this year.”  The PTL is important to Mrs. Meyer, and she is ready, willing, and able to help the next President launch another successful year of PTL events and activities for Trinity Lutheran School.


 We are thankful to these, and many other parents who make a distinct difference at Trinity Lutheran School.  Congratulations to our Super Viking Parents of 2018!