Students at Trinity Lutheran School regularly participate in service projects that allow them to share the love of Christ within our church and school family, as well as into the broader community of Downtown Orlando.  This gives them the opportunity to live out their love for Jesus by serving as He serves.

This past week the 5th Grade Religion class students and their teacher, Mrs. Malenke, completed a project entitled “Supporting Our Police” in which each child was asked, with their family accompanying them, to approach a police officer and thank them for the work they do in keeping us safe. The children were also asked to inquire of the officer how the child, their family, and our class could pray for them. The responses were quite touching and as you would expect, police officers are most concerned about their safety and well-being of their families.


5th Grade wtih Officer Pollock

This project culminated with the 5th Grade Religion Class students being honored with a visit from Officer Mike Pollock who serves our community on South Orange Avenue (he was on duty and involved in helping people the night of the Pulse tragedy). He spoke with the children about his daily responsibilities as a police officer and what he does to keep our community safe. He helped us all become more informed on the life of a police officer and what challenges they face. The children prepared questions ahead of the visit to ask Officer Pollock, and then were encouraged to ask impromptu questions at the end of his presentation. We wrapped up his visit by asking him how we could pray for him and then the class surrounded him in prayer.


What a blessing for the children and their teachers to meet such an eloquent, thoughtful first responder and to hear how his daily service positively affects all of our lives!