The Viking Challenge is a special time for Trinity. Kicked-off a month ago, students have been gathering pledges for the Oak Tree Playground and Fellowship Hall, all in anticipation for the Big Day…today!!!!

The Viking Challenge kick-started our Wednesday Chapel, helping us to focus instead on God’s
Challenges to his children who gathered in worship. What are God’s Challenges to us? That we hallow His Name as His Kingdom comes among us… that we are thankful for His daily bread to us… that we forgive people just as God forgives us… that as we face temptation, we look to Him to deliver us from evil. When we pray these petitions in the Lord’s prayer, we recognize we need God’s help to meet God’s Challenges to us.

Then we moved from God’s Challenges to the Viking Challenge, and the Big Day really challenged us!
The three-year olds from the CDC worked through developmental activities, which channeled energy
into purposeful locomotor skills for 20 minutes of non-stop fun in the Gym. VPK students joined
Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 on the soccer field for a fun-run, 20 minutes of non-stop running and walking, mixed with friendship and friendly competition. And for some serious fun, students in Grades 3-8 completed a 30-minute fitness run, with all students completing at least one mile, and several completing over two miles through our campus.

The Big Day was indeed wrapped in Challenge, and now we extend the Challenge to YOU! Recognize
God’s Challenges in your walk with Him, Challenge yourself and walk, run, bike, kayak, or rollerblade, and move with fitness in mind, and also accept our Challenge to support the completion of the Big Oak Tree Playground and the Fellowship Hall with a Big Donation!

The Challenge is on, and continues through March 27.